About Perfect

Thank you for your interest in and continued support of Perfect.

I started creating Perfect in response to a Westside Writers' challenge in February 2012. Basically the challenge was to write a piece of fiction wherein the information provided in the weather report was contradicted by actuality. In working through that part of the puzzle, I met Luis and his much loved Informateur which he uses to get the weather report.

Set in a future time when our planet has changed, information and its dissemination are controlled by De Authoriteit of the Industrial Confederation. Luis and Avinashika find themselves on an adventure thanks to their mutual friend Willem. As their world changes, can they adapt to new circumstances and learn to live, love, and survive in their new environment?

I have been publishing Perfect as a ‘web serial.’ Every two weeks I release a new episode. Since this is not a novel, I do not return to make substantive changes to prior episodes (though I do correct grammar, spelling, or formatting errors as they are found). I discover Luis’ world and story as I go. The other constraint I impose on this piece is each episode must be between 1800 and 1899 words.

Perfect is an experimental piece. It is created as I write and publish. It provides a place to try new and different literary techniques, practice craft, and has as much in common with series television as it does novels.

After a nine month hiatus, Perfect returned in January 2014 with "Part II." The final episode of "Part II" will be published on 29 October 2014 and will close this part as well as this 'season' of the webserial. Perfect will be on hiatus for a few months with the twenty final episodes of "Part III" starting in 2016. Please follow Perfect on Facebook or use any of the other links above-right to be notified of updates.

Join Luis (aka George), Avinashika (aka Anita), Willem, and I on this great journey by reading Perfect.