Rediscover Your Imagination

He walked into the cold, dark room. A simple metal chair with a wooden seat and back stood in the middle. If it sat in a different place at a different time, he might have recalled days spent in a classroom of a quiet suburb school. Here alone, under a single, naked light bulb, he only wanted to forget the past. 

Such might be an introduction to one of my short stories. I’m looking to explore the

possibilities of what might have been and could be, especially with characters whose stories have been ignored. My work defies normal genre classifications.

I seek to provide my readers with characters and locations that allow your imagination to roam. Nothing is more exciting then when a reader asks questions and find answers from their own experience and aspirations.

I was born in Chicago, educated in New Mexico and Texas, and now live in suburban Portland, Oregon. I also lived in South Africa and Japan and had strong ties to Mexico. I hope this international flavor peppers my work as does my interest in literature, music, technology, and religion.

Come explore my growing world and free your imagination.

Kaleb's Fiction